Complete Manuscripts

The Forever Am Trilogy

Book 1: I, Cinderella

​​A modern Cinderella named Sarah is flung into a world of fairytales and attempts to resist the dazzling Prince Nelson and the magical plot points of the renowned Cinderella story.

"I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness. It felt like I'd been shot in the gut. Nooooo. It could not be. There was absolutely no way I was getting conned into prancing across the floor to a fancy highborn prince to stun him into sweeping me off my feet. I didn't do fairytales and I definitely didn't do dancing."​​

Book 2: I, Snow White

Sarah's happily ever never as the Cinderella grows into a struggle to survive against her bounty hunter fiancé ​​and the murderous plots of jealous Queen Xella, morphing her into a classic Snow White.

"Something registered in my mind and I froze. Imprisoned princess. Black hair. White skin. Talking mirror. Evil queen who wanted to kill me, because she thought I was prettier than she was. But no... I'd always been the Cinderella! I couldn't now be Snow White!"​​

Book 3: I, Sleeping Beaut

Sarah and Prince Nelson begin what they think is their happily ever after, until Sarah's fairy godmother reveals her true identity as a condemned Sleeping Beauty.

"Disappointment gathered in my chest and exploded out of my  mouth in a series of rapid breaths. I couldn't run. I couldn't hide. Somehow the story of Sleeping Beauty would find me. Xella wasn't the condemned anymore - now I was the condemned."​​​​